First local school in Paje

Starting in 2012, our years of experience are our seal of excellence

#1 destinaton for kitesurf.

Paje is the paradise to learn and improve your kitesurf skills

English speaking instructors.

English speaking instructors. Be ready to learn fast and feel like at home

Welcome to Paje, the kitesurf paradise in zanzibar.

Paje is located at the east coast of Zanzibar, only 50km from the international airport of Zanzibar City. The surroundings of Paje, with perfect wind conditions and several shallow lagoons close to the shore, make it the perfect spot to learn and improve your kitesurf skills.

The wide accommodation offer and good vibes will make you love this place, and we have no doubts that when you try it, you will come back.


Choose the course that best fits your needs. No matter if you come by your own, with a friend or with a larger group of people, there will always be an option that adapts to your skills and choice.

If you can kitesurf independently, check our rental options and explore the zanzibarian coast by yourself!

Meet our instructors.

You will feel like at home with our instructors. We employ local people, so you will have the chance to discover the swahili culture.



Experienced talent

One of the first instructors of the school. Experienced in the art of teaching!



Perfect back-roller

Bable is one of the best back-rollers in the area. Feel his kitesurf lifestyle.



100% Freestyler

If you don’t see him, look above, he will certainly be flying up there! Talk to him in italian if you fancy.



Jump and fly!

With more than 6 years of experience, makes him one of the best freestyler in town!



#1 in Paje

His skills over the board are insane. The gravity doen’t look to act on him when grabbing a kite.

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